12:30pm February Bring-A-Friend (2 tickets)

12:30pm February Bring-A-Friend (2 tickets)


This ticket option gets you and a friend into the 12:30pm class and smoothie bowl each.

12:30pm - 1pm:  Brunch + CBD Massage
1pm - 2pm: Aerial Yoga Flow

Alethea Dawson will guide Atherial's signature yoga asana class where your mat practice is brought to the air. Inversion therapy and decompression of the spine will be included into this practice. Develop strength, agility, balance and increase overall mobility and flexibility in flight. Suitable for all levels.


- Breakfast by Sunshine Bowls
- CBD Massage by Color Up Therapeutics
- Legging Raffle by Mellivora


**With only 13 spots, this class will sell out! Reserve your spot in advance. Tickets must be bought in advance, ages 21+.**


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