January Bring-A-Friend (2 tickets)

January Bring-A-Friend (2 tickets)

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This ticket option gets you and a friend a class and smoothie bowl each.

In this week's Yoga Church, we'll cultivate the principle of Abundance in all realms of life. Celebrating the gifts we received during the holidays, and turning that energy into a renewable fountain of Abundance through the rest of the year. Our goddess of Abundance is Lakshmi, who encourages us to look within for the Abundance we seek in our external world, and to cultivate the gifts of love and community. In this class, we will start with an introduction to Lakshmi and Abundance, practice a short Kirtan (singing mantra) with live music, and then experience these principles in our bodies through a Vinyasa Yoga practice. 

About the teacher: Alexi Neal has been teaching yoga for over 5 years, and her passion lies in using the body to connect people to their Highest Self. She believe that the expression of this Self through movement is the heart of yoga! Her continuing education has included focused learning in anatomy, the subtle body and the chakra system. She is currently in the practicum period of becoming a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist. 


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